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Craft Resources


National and Regional Craft Organizations

This directory features contact information for national and regional craft organizations. 
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State Arts and Crafts Councils

This directory lists state arts councils and craft organizations. State arts councils are an excellent source for information on grants and other funding opportunities. Local craft organizations often have information regarding workshops, exhibitions, local craft shows, and networking opportunities for artists. 
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Schools with Craft Workshops and Courses

This directory is a selective list of schools that offer workshops and/or courses in craft along with a broad sample of mediums for each program. Some of these schools may also offer degree and/or certificate programs in craft arts. Course catalogs for each of the programs listed below are available through the schools’ websites.
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For further information on art/craft degrees and programs in your community, visit your public library. You can also browse searchable listings of all college and university programs through Peterson’s Education and Career Center.

Craft Museums in the United States

This directory is a selective list of museums and galleries in the United States that collect and exhibit contemporary craft. Each museum is identified with the media they collect. Past, current, and future exhibitions are often listed on the museums’ websites, which are available on this list. For upcoming exhibitions, please also refer to the American Craft Council's events calendar.
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Online Resources for Craft History

The American Craft Council Library Digital Collections contains images, documents, and media detailing the history of the American Craft Council and contemporary craft in America. In addition to our holdings, the following websites and databases contain information on craft history.
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