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Grand Scale

Joyce Lovelace checks in with North Carolina sculptor Hoss Haley.

Pincus' 12-Step Process

More on Peter Pincus' detailed process...


Peter Pincus' crazy-colorful ceramic forms require an arsenal of techniques, precision, and patience.

Sum & Substance: Cynthia Toops

Cynthia Toops’ process is meticulous and laborious. 

Sum & Substance: Stacey Lee Webber

Stacey Lee Webber uses coins in surprising ways

Sum & Substance: Hilary Sanders

Hilary Sanders loves the feel of graphite...

Sum & Substance: Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro

Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro combines familiar materials, such as wood and fur, with a plastic used in 3D printing. 

Sum & Substance: Teresa Faris

Teresa Faris has an unusual partner in her jewelry practice: a cockatoo.

Sum & Substance: Kat Cole

Kat Cole restructures discarded tins into a variety of wearable art.

Sum & Substance: Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson hopes her work serves “as a reminder of the kinship we share with all life forms.”


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