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Space Is the Place

Sarah and Joseph Belknap look to the skies to find their artistic mission.

Coast to Coast

From California to Ireland and back again, Laura Mays and her partner, Rebecca Yaffe, have found abundant inspiration.

Landing Places

LJ Roberts has a home in the activist tradition of textiles.

Agent of Change

Drawing on his own experiences, Roberto Lugo speaks for many.

Social Fabric

Karen Hampton weaves stories from the past – her own and her ancestors’ – into her multifaceted textiles.

Free Form

Christian Burchard approaches wood as he does life – with wild curiosity.

Clear Cut

Ethan Stern draws from the past, creating glass sculpture that's uniquely present.

New Heights

A break from pottery took Maren Kloppmann's work in a fresh direction.

Always Unfolding

Curiosity, creativity, and optimism guide Kiyomi Iwata in the evolution of her life and her art.

The Sweet Spot

Art and functionality meet in the precisely envisioned work of Daniel Hopper.


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