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Deeply Felt Statements

Kiwon Wang brings a poet's sensitivity to her sculptural jewelry.

Crazy Quilts

Joe Cunningham adds a dose of anarchy to age-old quilting traditions.

The Disciples

We hear from 15 of 90-year-old potter Warren MacKenzie's former students.

The Open Door

Warren MacKenzie has influenced generations of potters through the simple act of welcoming them into his home.

Brave New World

Digital technology is opening up new avenues for making – and the ride is just beginning.

Masters: Fleur Bresler

Fleur Bresler wants the craft field to thrive into the future.

Masters: The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio celebrates 40 years as an ambitious studio, school, gallery, shop, and outreach program. 

Masters: Tina Oldknow

Oldknow relishes the opportunity to make objects meaningful for museum visitors.

Masters: William Carlson

It took four decades, but sculptor William Carlson is living his dream.

Masters: Judith Schaechter

It took Schaechter time to appreciate the idea of craft, but now she's convinced it's superior to fine art.


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