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Creative Continuum

Lissa Hunter found working with clay both familiar and fresh.

It's About Time

Steven Siegel's work challenges our idea of permanence - and our place on the planet.

Objects of Wonder

From fantastical metal sculptures to captivating fiber works, Mariko Kusumoto's artwork entices us to look closer.

Root and Branch

With her distinguished career, Mary Jackson has left her mark on a long tradition.

The Call of the Wheel

The first time he sat down to throw a pot, Cliff Lee knew he was right where he belonged.

Material Girl

Over the course of her career, Julia Turner has moved fluidly among mediums, while expressing a singular vision. 

Visual, Tactile, and Intuitive

Matt Shlian’s folded paper creations are an artful take on geometry.

Art Restoration

Therman Statom takes his creative process into the world, donating his time and talents to cultivate others’ well-being.

Deeply Felt Statements

Kiwon Wang brings a poet's sensitivity to her sculptural jewelry.

Crazy Quilts

Joe Cunningham adds a dose of anarchy to age-old quilting traditions.


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