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Brave New World

Digital technology is opening up new avenues for making – and the ride is just beginning.

Masters: Fleur Bresler

Fleur Bresler wants the craft field to thrive into the future.

Masters: The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio celebrates 40 years as an ambitious studio, school, gallery, shop, and outreach program. 

Masters: Tina Oldknow

Oldknow relishes the opportunity to make objects meaningful for museum visitors.

Masters: William Carlson

It took four decades, but sculptor William Carlson is living his dream.

Masters: Judith Schaechter

It took Schaechter time to appreciate the idea of craft, but now she's convinced it's superior to fine art.

Masters: John Gill

A gentle enthusiasm pervades everything John Gill does. Everything.

Masters: Bruce Metcalf

A craftsman who makes voluptuous jewelry and a writer with a keen interest in craft criticism...

Masters: Jane Lackey

Connections are central to Jane Lackey’s work.

Masters: Michael Hurwitz

Hurwitz has been open to making things for as long as he can remember.


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