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On Our Radar

Creeping Beauty

Jillian Moore transforms foam into alien-like sculptural pieces that are wonderfully odd and oddly alive.

One Artist, Two Lives

Cuong Ta's playful and abstract ceramics.

Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent

Jeremy Mayer transforms typewriters into arresting anatomical sculpture.

Ceramic Appropriations

Stephanie DeArmond's sculptural letterforms are not easily defined.

Domestic Beauty

Ceramist Molly Hatch always imagines the work she makes in someone's home.

Celebrating the Expendable

Kate Cusak transforms everyday objects into elegant works of art.

The Experience of Place

The thread that connects Meredith Brickell’s ceramic and mixed-media sculpture is observations of place.


Sylvie Rosenthal's furniture, a combination of superb woodworking skills and a healthy dose of humor, illustrates her evolution.

Packaging Itself

Sungsoo Kim's kiln-cast glass sculptures are inspired by Styrofoam packaging materials.

Marques Marzan

The Hawaiian artist keeps his cultural traditions alive with modern designs.


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