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Product Placement

Soft Spot

Jack and Holman Wang have felted their way through nine literary classics, with more to come.

Flameproof Beauty

Robbie Lobell's pottery can definitely take the heat.

Show Business

Glass artist Amber Marshall takes her work to shows not just to earn, but also to learn.

Code Craft

Nervous System specializes in what they call "mass customization," allowing customers to create their own products.

High-Plains Classic

Jamey and Constance Garza's furniture conveys the sense of the Texas land where it is made.

The Sleep of Poets

Kerry Larkin's Comma Workshop stitches her prose poems onto quilts.

Creative Industry

Lily Wikoff makes what she calls "jewelry for tomboys" – people who don't ordinarily wear jewelry.

Cool Lines, Warm Light

Ceramist Lesley Anton's lamps are subtle, but they're no wallflowers.

Creative Production

Vitreluxe glass studio's creative approach to production.

Plate and Palate

Earthborn Pottery's craft de cuisine...


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