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Product Placement

Leather By Necessity

Walnut Studiolo's leap into leather.

Threshhold Artist

Yorgen Quent Kvinsland's personalized portals.

Into the Woods

Anzfer Farms' clever, classy furniture.

Instant Joy

Charan Sachar’s ceramics are joyful and exuberant, a riot of vivid color and pattern. 

Heavy Duty

Libby Lane's built-to-last leather bags.

Light-Bulb Moment

Souda studio's hybrid approach.

Soft Spot

Jack and Holman Wang have felted their way through nine literary classics, with more to come.

Flameproof Beauty

Robbie Lobell's pottery can definitely take the heat.

Show Business

Glass artist Amber Marshall takes her work to shows not just to earn, but also to learn.

Code Craft

Nervous System specializes in what they call "mass customization," allowing customers to create their own products.


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