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American Craft Council Expands 2014 Baltimore Wholesale Show

ACC's executive director, Chris Amundsen, wearing a vest by Frittelli & Lockwood, a brooch by Gustav Reyes, and a bowtie by Gabriele Beyer
ACC's executive director, Chris Amundsen, wearing a vest by Frittelli & Lockwood, a brooch by Gustav Reyes, and a bowtie by Gabriele Beyer
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Dear artists, wholesale buyers, and gallery owners,
I am happy to announce to you that the American Craft Council will be expanding our Baltimore wholesale show in 2014. The show will increase to approximately 550 artists to create a destination show that allows wholesale buyers to acquire handcrafted work at a variety of price points. The dates for the 2014 Baltimore wholesale show are Feb. 19 - 20 at the Baltimore Convention Center.
ACC, one of the standard bearers of quality and craftsmanship, is creating opportunities for additional wholesale artists to address the full range of price points for the wholesale market. This expansion stems from ACC's 2013 strategy of creating wholesale-buying opportunities at each of our retail shows across the country, as well as our conversations with buyers and artists to understand wholesale challenges and how ACC could respond to meet the needs of the field. Universally, the response was to create a show with a larger number of artists and expand the wholesale price points so buyers can attend the show and address many of their needs for the buying season. We have the ability to increase the number of artists in 2014 and continue to grow the show in future years.
We are excited and prepared to move forward with this strategy. ACC will have a special jury to evaluate wholesale artists and will be offering multi-year agreements to selected artists so they can be assured of their show participation in future years. We are also working with buyers who will recommend artists to ensure we are attracting the most talented artists to the expanded show.
Additionally, ACC is investing in strategies to attract additional buyers to the show in Baltimore. Our groundwork was laid in 2013, and we are looking to work with buyers and artists to produce the best wholesale show in 2014!
We look forward to this expansion and encourage artists to apply during our application process that begins June 1. Buyers and gallery owners, please reserve the dates and look for our announcement of artists who will be participating in the expanded 2014 Baltimore wholesale show!
Chris Amundsen  
Chris Amundsen
Executive Director
American Craft Council
Why did ACC decide to expand the wholesale show in Baltimore?
ACC has been meeting with buyers and artists over the last three years to understand their needs and improve the wholesale-buying opportunities in Baltimore and the other ACC show cities. We have implemented changes based on this feedback and most recently created wholesale-buying opportunities in each of our show cities this year. Feedback also indicated that the Baltimore wholesale show needed to include high-quality artists at a wider range of price points and include more artists to be attractive to the broadest range of buyers.
Will this be a wholesale-only expansion?
Yes, this will be a wholesale-only expansion, not a wholesale/retail expansion. ACC is expanding the number of wholesale-only booths to approximately 200 to create a wholesale show of 550 artists. We cannot increase the number of wholesale/retail spaces since we are not increasing the size of our retail show. In 2014, ACC's Baltimore retail show will include 350 wholesale/retail spaces and 300 retail-only spaces, keeping our retail show at a total of 650 artists.
How will the wholesale expansion affect the quality of the show?
With this expansion, our show will have a wide range of price options to address the buyers' needs while maintaining our standards of high quality. ACC is recreating this show to be a destination show that will address many of the wholesale buyers' needs.
How many wholesale-only booths will be available?
In 2014, there will be approximately 200 wholesale-only spaces available. Starting in 2015 we will be able to increase the number of artists as we are able to secure additional space in the Baltimore Convention Center.
Where will the wholesale-only booths be located?
In 2014, the wholesale-only booths will be on the third level of the Baltimore Convention Center, adjacent to the buyer registration area.
What will the booth fee be?
In 2014, an 8 x 10 booth will be $800; a 10 x 10 will be $1,000; and a 15 x 10 will be $1,500. These prices all include pipe and drape.
What advantage does this expansion offer to the buyer?
ACC will have a marketplace that has an increased number of wholesale artists with a wider range of price options for the buyers. Buyers in Baltimore also have the opportunity to connect with additional artists during the retail portion of the Baltimore show. Registered buyers are able to attend and shop ACC's other shows in Atlanta, St. Paul, and San Francisco to buy from artists that participate in the wholesale market.
Would ACC consider moving their Baltimore show dates?
No. Based upon our research and feedback from buyers and artists, we will keep our February wholesale show date. ACC has been in Baltimore for 37 years, and we operate a wholesale show and a retail show on consecutive days. ACC's Baltimore retail show is one of the largest indoor shows in the country and draws a national audience. We will be maintaining February show dates for the foreseeable future.



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