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An Appeal from Beverly Tadeu

Beverly Tadeu, Rooted Brooch
"Having the American Craft Council as a partner in this journey has made a world of difference." ~Beverly Tadeu, ACC member and show artist
Beverly Tadeu, Mod Pods

Beverly Tadeu, Rooted Brooch

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Life has a way of creating journeys for us, sometimes when we least expect it. That is what happened for me as I found myself living overseas in Latin America for much of 15 years, moving from country to country, lusting after the travel, relishing being immersed in foreign cultures and somehow raising a family in the midst of it all.

I was a fine arts major in university, and I have dabbled in various art forms throughout the years, but it was during my years living in Chile that I found my passion – metalsmithing. I met a metals teacher from the U.S. and before flying off, she taught me to cut and solder sheets of silver and forge them into something entirely different. I was smitten.

As exciting as it was to move from country to country, I found myself yearning for a place to call home, for roots in a community. When we moved back to the U.S. five years ago, this yearning translated into the body of work I am currently exploring, my Rooted series. As I met new friends and formed new bonds, I wove these metaphorical and literal roots into the tiny, functional sculptures of my art jewelry.

At the same time I was expanding my technical skills, I discovered the American Craft Council and the world of craft shows. Having lived overseas for much of my adult life, I was captivated by the craft movement. I quickly became a member and applied for and was accepted to the American Craft Council Baltimore show. As I readied for this large and prestigious show, I was impressed with the ACC staff’s attention to detail and commitment to creating an excellent show experience, mutually beneficial for both the artist and the customers who attend the show. In these past four years since I exhibited at my first ACC show, I have come to know so many incredible artists, gallery owners, collectors and other lovers of craft. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of the craft movement, creating art jewelry and doing what I love.

As I sit at my soldering station, doing the meticulous work of soldering small bits of wire to form my sculptural jewelry, I reflect with gratitude on the opportunities the American Craft Council provides craft artists. The work of the ACC casts such a bright light on the field that it enables us to see clearly how we are all in this together – connected and rooted in something that brings great joy to our everyday lives.

I am inviting you to please join me in support of the American Craft Council by making a tax-deductible gift today. With their mission to champion craft, the ACC is an important resource that brings us together and celebrates who we are as artists and appreciators of fine American craft.

With warm regards,

Beverly Tadeu
ACC Member and Show Artist

P.S. I enjoy connecting with other ACC supporters. If you are attending any of the 2013 shows in Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Paul or San Francisco, stop by my booth and say "Hello."



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