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Beautifully Carved Block Clocks by Such + Such

Clock by Such + Such
Clock by Such + Such
Clocks by Such + Such
Clock by Such + Such
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Does wood sparkle? I would swear that the elegantly multifaceted Block Clocks, from Cincinnati’s Such + Such studio, seem to glisten like gems as I turn them from side to side or glimpse them from different areas of a room; from one or two angles, in a certain light, they appear almost perfectly flat. The clocks are made by the three industrial designers of Such + Such from locally available hard woods, shown here in black walnut and hard maple. I love that the super-minimal clock face lets the wood sing, with just a small, ticking pop of blue—the second hand—to draw the eye.

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Love the topographical qualities of these -- so much more interesting and engaging than just a flat clock face!

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