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The Executive Director's Cut: Fall 2011

Chris Amundsen

Chris Amundsen

Chris Amundsen

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I recently completed my first year at the American Craft Council and have now experienced a full cycle of programming at our national craft shows, American Craft magazine, Aileen Osborn Webb Awards and our fabulous craft library. It has been an amazing learning experience, and I am pleased with the progress we have made in each of these areas. But we still have a lot to do. These are exciting times, and we are working hard to reinvigorate existing programs and develop new ones to meet the changing needs of the field.

I am delighted to tell you that attendance and sales at our craft shows are up. ACC membership numbers have steadily increased, which means more folks are reading American Craft magazine. All these things mean more people have the opportunity to connect with craft. And the more people who experience and understand the beauty and importance of handcrafted items, the better the chance for the craft community to grow and thrive. If your experience is like mine, you know that once you are hooked on craft, you can't imagine life without the beauty of handmade items.

The Council is committed to the success of the craft field and want to make sure we engage people to be part of the community. But we need you, your friends, and the organizations you are affiliated with to help grow the community of craft lovers and supporters, to help us educate about the importance of craft, and most importantly, to support makers by buying their work.

In the past few months I have shared with you some of the changes that will be implemented to improve our craft show next year. In the coming months, I will share additional exciting work we will be implementing in the next few years. I have received a lot of feedback about the needs in the craft community that is shaping the work the ACC will do in the future. I hope you will partner with us to advance the field of craft.




Hey, that latest email of Current ACC at a glance "Our Timeline, see what Loretta's howling about, and more!" was engaging, positive and had a lot of content. It's very nicely organized. Congratulations on the grant, and I'm looking forward to hearing what Claudia Cackler, the Development Director is up to!

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