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James McNabb’s Sculpted Wood Cities

City Sphere (detail). All photos by James McNabb.
James McNabb, City Wheel
James McNabb, We Built This City

City Sphere (detail). All photos by James McNabb.

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A person could spend hours poring over the intricate wooden renderings of urban landscapes in James McNabb’s City Series. Using scrap wood and a band saw, McNabb creates hundreds of architectural shapes — from skyscrapers to single-stories — and assembles them into surprising, compelling formations. City Sphere, a beautiful meditation on urban sprawl, is reminiscent of a sunburst — perfectly sculptural, with a hint of the city’s unruliness. In McNabb’s City Wheel, the hundred-some buildings cascade around a large circle, gradually increasing in size to achieve a radiant balance. And our way of viewing and experiencing the city is completely reversed in City Table, with its smooth, checked top, and the cityscape, with stalactite-like buildings, propping it up.

McNabb’s pieces are so much more than the sum of their parts — but if you’d like a part of your own (or a whole neighborhood or city’s worth of buildings), check out his Kickstarter campaign to expand the series!

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I think James' works are terrific. Check mine out at the listed URL. I did Manhattan which is very similar to McNabbs'works. I had been doing a lot of weird scapes and decided to do one based in reality.

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