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James McNabb’s Sculpted Wood Cities

<p>City Sphere (detail). All photos by James McNabb.</p>
<p>James McNabb, City Wheel</p>
<p>James McNabb, We Built This City</p>

City Sphere (detail). All photos by James McNabb.

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A person could spend hours poring over the intricate wooden renderings of urban landscapes in James McNabb’s City Series. Using scrap wood and a band saw, McNabb creates hundreds of architectural shapes — from skyscrapers to single-stories — and assembles them into surprising, compelling formations. City Sphere, a beautiful meditation on urban sprawl, is reminiscent of a sunburst — perfectly sculptural, with a hint of the city’s unruliness. In McNabb’s City Wheel, the hundred-some buildings cascade around a large circle, gradually increasing in size to achieve a radiant balance. And our way of viewing and experiencing the city is completely reversed in City Table, with its smooth, checked top, and the cityscape, with stalactite-like buildings, propping it up.

McNabb’s pieces are so much more than the sum of their parts — but if you’d like a part of your own (or a whole neighborhood or city’s worth of buildings), check out his Kickstarter campaign to expand the series!

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I think James' works are terrific. Check mine out at the listed URL. I did Manhattan which is very similar to McNabbs'works. I had been doing a lot of weird scapes and decided to do one based in reality.

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