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Michael Scarborough's Asian-inspired Work

All photos courtesy of the artist.

All photos courtesy of the artist.

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Michael Scarborough took the long road to becoming a craft artist. After college, he spent 25 years as a professional opera singer, where he was exposed to a lot of different ideas about art and craft. But, he says growing up in Japan in the 1950s had the greatest influence on his craft, which, as you can see, has a distinctly Asian feel. Much of his work is done in wood and on the lathe, and he experiments quite a bit with traditional Japanese forms and finishes. I'm really drawn to the interesting finishes on his pieces, almost disguising that they are, in fact, made out of wood.

You can see more of his work at the upcoming Holiday CraftMorristown show, and in February at the ACC Baltimore Show.

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Michael's work is amazing considering that he interprets metals and ceramics in wood! And the coloration and finish make for exquisite pieces. More, please.

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