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Long-Term Relationships

Reviews of The Artful Wooden Spoon, What If Textiles, and The Furniture Bible...

Bookmarks with Christian Novak

ACC’s membership manager and his favorite things...

Bookmarks with Jan DeSirey

Some favorite things of ninja librarian, Jan DeSirey...

In Good Taste

New books, including Heath Ceramics' Tile Makes the Room...


Book artist Claire Van Vliet, surrounded by the papers and the landscape she loves, is always ready to create.

Taking Skill Down a Peg

Liz Logan interviews Elaine Cheasley Paterson and Susan Surette, the editors of Sloppy Craft.

Bookmarks with Jessica Shaykett

Our ACC librarian's favorite print and digital things...

Every Angle

A review of Shows and Tales: On Jewelry Exhibition-Making and two other books...

Bookmarks with Lauren Kebschull

An exciting dose of print and online literary craft inspiration...

To Be Seen

Photographer and pop-up book maker Colette Fu documents the diversity of China’s Yunnan Province.


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