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Craft History

Collector: Object/Environment

This 1965 exhibit shows how several American collectors enjoyed works in their homes.

Extraordinary Stitching

Beautiful handwork from the 1967 exhibition...

Vince Pasacane's Futuristic Fluorescent Necklace

In 1968, "PLASTIC as Plastic" featured furniture, clothing, and entire living environments made of plastic...

Hear It with Feel It

Enjoy the soundtrack of the 1969 “Feel It” exhibition.

Contemporary French Bookbinding at the MCC

Stanley Marcus and Mary Kruming were just two of New York City's design mavens on hand at this 1964 exhibit...

Winter White by Claire Zeisler

A look back at an influential fiber artist's contribution to the historic "Objects: USA" exhibition...

Down the Chimney with Care

American Craft Council gold medalist Betty Woodman's fireplace...

The Year in Craft: 10 Noteworthy Events in 2014

A look back at newsmakers, noisemakers, and just plain makers who caught our attention in 2014.

Warren MacKenzie: Living Wisdom Live

Coinciding with the potter's feature in American Craft, we present an ACC audio oral history interview.

Cookies and Breads: The Baker’s Art

In November 1965, visitors to the Museum of Contemporary Crafts had a visually sweet treat.


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