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The Craft of Design: Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt found a niche designing quilts for contemporary interiors that are inspired by the beauty and sophistication of historic American quilts.

The Craft of Design: Annie Costello Brown

Brown designs jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent and Urban Outfitters.

The Craft of Design: Molly Hatch

A "lovely marriage" of maker and company is how she describes her collaboration with Anthropologie.

The Craft of Design: Tyler Hays

Turning a lifelong obsession with materials and craftsmanship into a high-profile brand...

The Craft of Design: Alison Berger

Through designing glass objects for Hermès and Holly Hunt, Alison Berger has learned that "you can produce things in a production house with the level of integrity of art."

The Craft of Design: Frances Palmer

Ceramic artist Frances Palmer's work is her own, whether made in her studio or in Niagara China's upstate New York factory.

Remembering: Evelyn Ackerman

Looking back at the life of a leading California mid-century modern designer.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Very Young Octogenarian

Wendell Castle's life seems as playful and practical as his furniture.

Sao Paolo: Design Melting Pot

São Paulo's bustling cross-cultural craft scene...

Making the Leap to Design

Not every craftsperson wants to be a designer.


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