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Video Recap: ACC St. Paul Show Awards of Excellence

Previously, we recounted the winners of the Awards of Excellence at the 2011 American Craft Council show in St. Paul. Juror Mark Pharis did the honors this year. Pharis is a former student of Warren MacKenzie, and he teaches ceramics at the University of Minnesota, where he's been an instructor since 1985. Susan Mahlstedt, Lynn Joris Reintsema and K. Meta Reintsema, and B.J.

The Light Fantastic

A number of artists at this year's St. Paul show are applying their skills - with ceramics, glass, fiber, metal, and wood - to beautiful lighting. Here's a quick list of some that caught my eye. There's still time to see this fantastic work in person, too: The show is open today until 5 o'clock. If you're not in the area (and even if you are), click on the artists' bolded names to visit their websites.

Textures to Love at the Show

Unexpected textures abound at this year's ACC show in St. Paul. Sleek adjoins nubby, craggy erupts from lustrous, and subtle variations make lovely work even lovelier.

Kim Geiser's enamel jewelry is a study in rough and smooth. The artist uses stencils to add designs to her modernist pendants and recently started scratching graphite markings on the surfaces of her glossy pieces.

And the Award Goes To...

At every American Craft Council show, the ACC gives out Awards of Excellence to a group of exceptional exhibitors, who are selected by guest jurors. It's a thrilling event: Show-goers gather with jurors and ACC staff, then everyone marches off in a grand parade to surprise the winners in their booths.

Handmade in Japan, for Japan

The devastating earthquake in Japan, followed by the tsunami and ongoing nuclear crisis have shaken the hearts of people around the world. Organizations and individuals from all walks of life have poured their efforts into campaigns to help: university students can be seen on the streets with donation boxes; celebrities are giving charity performances; relief supplies and funds from other countries are sent to Japan everyday. Shan Shan, a textile artist from Osaka, has tried to support her country's grieving people with her artwork.

Signature Pieces

Anna Katherine Curfman's textured, nuno-felted work is like a floating, wearable sculpture.

Oaxaca: Craft as Culture

In the Mexican colonial city and its surrounding villages, the arts are a way of life.

Artist without Borders

As a child, Tanya Aquiñiga straddled the line between Mexico and the United States. Now her exuberant work crosses boundaries between cultures, materials, even genres.

Shows to See: Recycled Textiles, Porcelain Wallpaper, and More

Here at American Craft, we keep tabs on all kinds of shows, exhibitions, and opportunities to connect with makers. We publish a curated selection of these events – "Shows to See" – in every issue of our print magazine. Drawn from that list, here are five melt-your-heart picks for February. As we like (wistfully) to say: Go if you can.

Ackerman and Aguiniga at CAFAM

The Los Angeles creative community and assorted other cool folk came out in force January 29 for the festive opening of two exciting shows celebrating L.A. artists at the Craft and Folk Art Museum on Wilshire Boulevard.


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