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Letter from the Editor: Americana at the Met

There are three interesting things about the opening of the remodeled and reinstalled American wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One is the straightforward appeal of the bright, glass-roofed sculpture court that was once a garden courtyard, and the more coherent presentation of period rooms in the once-freestanding bank building whose façade makes up one end of the space.

Show and Tell

Artists, their works and their booths receive recognition at the Council's Baltimore and Atlanta shows.


Images of ladders, steps and clouds abound in Eun-Su Choi's lampworked constructions, conveying her theme of aspiration.

Structures of Light

Michael Taylor's glasswork embodies a fruitful synergy between art and science.

Diffa-rent Strokes

While the jury is still out on whether rainy weather attracts or detracts crowds from trade shows, I alighted on the Architectural Digest Home Design Show on Sunday, March 29th, prepared for a day of interiors.

News, Views and Fond Farewells from Baltimore

"Wow, it's just one thing after another-it's just amazing," a passerby enthused at the American Craft Council Baltimore Show and as the event draws to a close I can think of no better way to sum up the experience. Except to say what a total pleasure it was to meet the artists, see their work up close and in many cases put a face to the names I often heard and somehow felt I already knew.

Mixing with the Makers in Baltimore

Day two and after a dose of rest I hurried back to the convention center, thanks in part to a stiff wind carrying me along, for another look at the fantastic work on display at the American Craft Council's show. After 33 years, word gets around and once again, the crowds showed up, keen to see more high-end craft. The weekend seemed to draw more people so it was a bit of a challenge to navigate through the aisles but the anticipation of meeting and speaking with the artists spurred me on.

Jane D'Arensbourg: Speaking of Pyrex, Porcelain and Glass

Artist Jane D’Arensbourg works in glass, metal, porcelain and Pyrex. Her work is a unique take on sculptural forms light-weight enough for any body. D’Arensbourg brought a sampling of her various explorations in jewelry to the American Craft Show in Baltimore and shared some insight into her work with us here.

Karen Gilbert in Glass and Gold

Jeweler Karen Gilbert always brings a fresh perspective to the American Craft Show in Baltimore from her home in Northern California and 2009 is no different. Gilbert and her cohorts, Eric Silva and Agelio Batle got front row placement this year so be sure to look out for this always impressive trio.

Spotlight on the Searchlight

Amy Shaw of Greenjeans took a different approach to the display booth for this year’s Searchlight Artist booth at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore. Here she explains some of her colorful and homey approach.


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