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Things You Can Touch

The Duane Reed Gallery celebrates 15 years presenting "objects with craft roots."

Solos Glass

The owners of a Richmond, Virginia-based studio create witty objects from vintage pressed glass.

Random Observations at the ACC San Francisco Show

Many wearables artists wear their merchandise and change regularly during show hours. Sometimes the switching of jackets or shawls was going on at such a pace that I couldn’t tell for a moment who was the customer and who the maker.

Randall Darwall, who weaves complex plaids with a luxurious feel and makes garments with partner Brian Murphy, was no exception. He made his own fashion show with vivid shirts. It was also fascinating to watch the two men pair scarves with jackets, not trying to match but to slightly shift the color conversation.

Tracing a Movement

The Heineman Collection at the Corning Museum documents studio glass.

Letter from the Editor: Americana at the Met

There are three interesting things about the opening of the remodeled and reinstalled American wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One is the straightforward appeal of the bright, glass-roofed sculpture court that was once a garden courtyard, and the more coherent presentation of period rooms in the once-freestanding bank building whose façade makes up one end of the space.

Show and Tell

Artists, their works and their booths receive recognition at the Council's Baltimore and Atlanta shows.


Images of ladders, steps and clouds abound in Eun-Su Choi's lampworked constructions, conveying her theme of aspiration.

Structures of Light

Michael Taylor's glasswork embodies a fruitful synergy between art and science.


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