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Sticking with a Theme...

In our February/March issue we decided to explore what we’ve come to call The Big Blur - that is the mixing and matching of mediums, materials and creative pursuits that many makers have been jumping into with increasing frequency over the last ten to 15 years. And in the last few weeks these discussions have picked up a considerable amount of steam.

Through the Looking Glass

Hanging out with stained glass artist Judith Schaechter in Philadelphia, Robert Sullivan observes her passionate devotion to her medium, her punk/pop tastes and her predilection for death-related subjects.

The Very Bearable Lightness of Being

Using glass as her medium, the Los Angeles artist Alison Berger moves easily between the worlds of art, craft, design, architecture, fashion and film. Observing her at work and play, Joyce Lovelace learns what fueled her prodigious career path.

František Vizner

John Perreault appreciates František Vizner at the Corning Museum of Glass in upstate New York and Barry Friedman Ltd. in New York City.

More from Miami

Gallery owner Leslie Ferrin surfaced from Art Overload in Miami just long enough to offer up some of her thoughts on the fairs, festivities, the state of the market and share her photographs prior to getting back to business at her Pittsfield, Massachusetts gallery. Her self-defined mission was to look at the experience through the lens of craft material, technique and market.

Scene and Seen: Art Basel Miami, December 4th - 7th and Design Miami, December 3rd - 6th

The art (and design) world convenes each year the first week of December in Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, the annual international art event. It began in 2002 as an offshoot of its European predecessor, Art Basel. Millions are spent on art production, marketing, collecting and participation.

Holiday Treats Come Early: The Objects Show at R 20th Century

The weather in New York turned quickly this past week. To cheer up (and try and warm up) I decided to take a stroll down to Tribeca…

One for the Road: Goodbye Chicago and SOFA

The 15th annual SOFA exhibition provided plenty of fodder for conversation on the current state of craft. Whether good or bad, I’m a firm believer that it is the conversation that is important and there was plenty to talk about. But after so much talking all weekend I’m feeling a little tongue-tied on this Monday morning so thought I’d leave you with my last (illegal) images (disclaimer: I didn’t see the “No Photography” signs until the last day) from a long weekend. Enjoy! And if we missed something, let us know…

Dispatches from the Land of Obama: SOFA Chicago, Opening Night Impressions

Can Chicago sustain its frenzied fervor over the election of hometown hero, President-Elect, Barack Obama? Can SOFA Chicago maintain its momentum on its 15 year anniversary? Can you drink wine while walking the aisles at any other time other than opening night? Some thoughts on these queries and more follow. What do you think?

Brooklyn, New York: Craft Over the Bridge

Discover why this borough has become home to so many makers, artists, designers and galleries.


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