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Baltimore or Bust!

For a first-time visitor, the American Craft Council’s Baltimore Show can be somewhat overwhelming - in the best possible way. I experienced that today when I entered the Baltimore Convention Center for a sneak peek at the exhibitors in our 34th annual show. I was immediately struck not only by the sheer number of artists, but also by the eclectic variety of the work on display. It’s an incredible sensory experience to encounter exquisitely handcrafted goods in such a range of colors, shapes, textures and materials.

Crafted Form in Stockholm

Sabrina Gschwandtner finds a hotbed of new ideas.

Packaging Itself

Sungsoo Kim's kiln-cast glass sculptures are inspired by Styrofoam packaging materials.

Portsmouth, NH: A Harbor for Craft

Meganne Fabrega finds Portsmouth, NH, a coastal city, to be a welcoming destination for craft, offering a sense of history and abundant cultural happenings.

East Coast/West Coast...Shows & Honors

The Baltimore show approaches!

Bonds of Glass

Home sweet durable home is a fragile place in Susan Taylor Glasgow's latest series.

Things You Can Touch

The Duane Reed Gallery celebrates 15 years presenting "objects with craft roots."

Solos Glass

The owners of a Richmond, Virginia-based studio create witty objects from vintage pressed glass.

Random Observations at the ACC San Francisco Show

Many wearables artists wear their merchandise and change regularly during show hours. Sometimes the switching of jackets or shawls was going on at such a pace that I couldn’t tell for a moment who was the customer and who the maker.

Randall Darwall, who weaves complex plaids with a luxurious feel and makes garments with partner Brian Murphy, was no exception. He made his own fashion show with vivid shirts. It was also fascinating to watch the two men pair scarves with jackets, not trying to match but to slightly shift the color conversation.


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