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What We're Reading: Taproot

The quarterly publication from Vermont celebrates food, farm, family, and craft.

The Intricate Weavings of Kay Sekimachi

With the opening of a solo show this week, a look back at the artist's influential history...

Treasuring the Past, Inspiring the Future

Join Catherine and Jaime in their support of the American Craft Council and its library.

Fabric Collage

An applique exhibition celebrated textiles this week in 1965...

What We're Reading: Wolftree

The power of place can be so incredibly comforting...

Her Bosom Rose

Marcia Lloyd models her leather creation at the 1977 ACC Northeast Craft Fair...

Five Questions Salon Edition with Ryan Hanson

Get a preview of our next Library Salon Series event with Ryan Hanson of Duluth Pack.


One of the "New York Women" from MCC's ACTS...

Bookmarks with Samantha De Tillio

A NYC-based curator shares a few of her favorite things during a visit to the ACC Library.

Calvin Albert in “Creative Casting”

Metal casting techniques on display in 1963...


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