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Baseball Helmets and 20th Century Design

A look back at the advent of the sport's most important safety device...

John McQueen: The Language of Containment

Abstract baskets in the ACC Library Digital Collections...

Fireworks and Folk Objects

Just in time for the Fourth of July, an object designed to entertain through its fiery destruction...

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Webb!

Three cheers on the 123rd birthday of our beloved founder...

Bookmarks with Eric Gjerde

ACC's IT manager tells us about his favorite reads, artists, and more.

Tom Loeser's Flotilla

Exploring Loeser's boat-inspired sculptural wooden forms...

ACC Library Salon Series Recap: Urban Boatbuilders

Get to know St. Paul's Urban Boatbuilders and watch a video interview with instructor Phil Winger.

Emergence: Student-Craftsmen

In 1963, the MCC showcased six schools to represent students in studio craft.

Five Questions Salon Edition with Phil Winger of Urban Boatbuilders

The master boatbuilding instructor tells us more about the Minnesota-based nonprofit and his role there.

Paul J. Stankard's Environmental Paperweight

Celebrating the work of the 2015 Glass Art Society Lifetime Achievement Award recipient...


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