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Down the Chimney with Care

American Craft Council gold medalist Betty Woodman's fireplace...

Warren MacKenzie: Living Wisdom Live

Coinciding with the potter's feature in American Craft, we present an ACC audio oral history interview.

Cookies and Breads: The Baker’s Art

In November 1965, visitors to the Museum of Contemporary Crafts had a visually sweet treat.

Homage to the Bag

In 1975, visitors to the Museum of Contemporary Crafts celebrated the bag’s role in society.

Time to Use the Good Silver

Stylish handmade flatware takes center stage at the MCC's 1960 exhibition...

Betty Woodman: Conversations in Clay

A celebrating the new gold medalist's years of contributions to the field.

Library Salon Series: Crafting the Spirit Q&A

A "Crafting the Spirit" pre-interview with artist Douglas K. Limon and curator Jill Ahlberg Yohe...

Jane Lackey's Interdisciplinary Ideations

Celebrating the artist's remarkable visions in fiber and mixed media...

William Carlson: A Lifelong Odyssey in Glass

Looking back through the different phases of the artist's illustrious career...

Five Questions with Carol Sauvion

The creator of Craft in America TV series shares insights on "Service," which premieres this weekend.


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