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Mixed Media

Anne Lemanski’s Intriguing Hand-Sewn Sculptures

Unconventional materials are stitched into compelling sculptural portraits...

Among Friends

Ken and Julie Girardini's home is a retreat filled with fellow artists’ work and their own.

Sayumi Yokouchi’s Uncommon Urban Jewelry

Striking mixed-materials jewelry inspired by Tokyo and Brooklyn...

Sondra Dorn’s Multilayered Mixed Media Paintings

There is a lot to see in Sondra Dorn’s beautiful, integral mixed media paintings.

American Made

Kyle and Kelly Phelps find a powerful voice close to home.

The Natural

Tova Lund's jewelry is both monumental and intricately detailed.

Intuitive Mapping

Sienna Shields has flourished creatively in environments as different as Alaska and New York City.

Reweaving History

Gail Tremblay challenges stereotypes in old cinematic narratives through her basket works.

Dolan Geiman’s Reimagined Americana

Mixed media sculptures that would be equally at home in a hip urban loft or a traditional country house...


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