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Call for Potters - Publication on CFile

Call for Potters - Publication on CFile
Oct 18, 2015 to Oct 16, 2016


223 North Guadalupe St. #274
87501 Santa Fe, NM
United States

Five Questions with Kristin Muller

A Q&A with the executive director of the Peters Valley School of Craft...

Craft Horizons Digitization

Complete issues of Craft Horizons from 1941-1965 are now online.

New ACC Library Books: May 2013

New books donated to the ACC Library this month...

New ACC Library Magazines: December 2012

Recent subscriptions and magazine donations added to the ACC Library collection...

Mobilia Magazine Donations

The ACC Library gets a treasure trove of issues of the design magazine Mobilia.

Library Donations from the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts

The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) recently gifted the library a treasure trove of ceramics resources, including print and video materials. They capture the breadth of the medium, and showcase the history of some influential ceramic artists.

New Year, New Studio, More Making

This year, make a New Year's resolution that is fun and adds more to your life. Spend more time making! Get a new or better organized studio! Fully immerse yourself in making craft, and perhaps the distraction will keep you away from the siren call of sweets and (non-craft) television.

Unearthing the Story of Emil Milan: A Research Project with Heart

The American Craft Council library contains books, catalogs, and unique files with information on thousands of artists from throughout the United States. However, in spite of our best efforts, it would be impossible to exhaustively capture the biography and work of every craftsperson, especially if they've been making under the radar. Woodworker and sculptor Emil Milan is one example of a highly revered artist with few accounts or files of his work in either the ACC collection or the world at large.

Happy Holidays from the ACC Library Stacks

The library is stocked full of resources on making and admiring functional and decorative craft in all sorts of media. With the holiday season well upon us, we took a moment to see what we have in the stacks. It is most definitely an eclectic mix.


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