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Library Additions from the San Francisco Show

The library received generous donations at the ACC show in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. The acquisitions include many beautiful exhibition catalogs, artist postcards, and books on woodcarving and paper. There are hours and hours of enjoyable browsing in our new additions!

American Association of Woodturners Bonanza

Greta Tacke from the American Association of Woodturners recently dropped in to the American Craft Council and brought the library a wealth of resources for woodturners and turned wood admirers.

Woodturning Today: A Dramatic Evolution is a beautiful new book celebrating the 25th anniversary of the AAW. It describes the history of woodturning and the organization. It also celebrates the role the AAW has had on the development of contemporary woodturning and wood art. Plus, the photography is outstanding.

Timeline Favorites: Etsy, The Dinner Party, and More

Over the past two weeks we've been recounting our favorite entries from the 70-year craft timeline in our August/September issue. Today's picks are from Alanna Nissen, the American Craft Council's office coordinator.

100 Years of Periodicals at the ACC Library

The ACC library has current subscriptions to nearly 100 magazines - but this post is about a new subscription, and a couple interesting old (and older!) donations. We invite you to come in and check them out!

Noteworthy Events from the 70-Year Timeline

In all honesty, I must admit that I had selfish reasons for supporting the creation of the 70-Year craft timeline. Here in the ACC library, we receive countless research requests for information pertaining to the history of craft. Don't get me wrong - I live for the thrill of digging up that one golden nugget of information, quote, or photograph that can help connect the dots of a thesis, exhibition, or the like.

My Favorite Craft Timeline Entries

It's been a fun week around the office, seeing everyone's timeline highlights and hearing the reactions as people have received their copies of the magazine. I'll forgo a repeat pick of the launching of This Old House (possibly my favorite TV show growing up), but otherwise, here are my favorite entries in the 70-year craft timeline:

More Great Moments in Craft

Choosing favorites hasn't ever been my strong suit (just ask anyone who's ever had to go clothes shopping, or, heaven forbid, to the grocery story with slow, methodical me). But choosing favorites out of our massive, 70-year craft timeline presents a special challenge – there are so many great entries! I'm soothing myself with the thought that, as this week unfolds, other American Craft staff members will be sharing their favorite entires too. And some of the great moments in craft that I passed by, well, they could still get their due.

Some Assembly Required

Michael Petry talks to us about "The Art of Not Making."

Home Is Where The Hand Is

Reviewed: "Artists' Handmade Houses" by Michael Gotkin

The 70-Year Timeline: Bonus Edition

As we cobbled together 70 years of craft history for the uber timeline in our August/September issue, we had way more to choose from than we could include within our pages.


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