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Remembering: Jan Peters

Jan Peters, co-founder and director of del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles, passed away December 5 after a 12-year battle with cancer at the age of 64.

Idiosyncratic Wharton Esherick

Exploring the archived exhibition collection "The Furniture and Sculpture of Wharton Esherick"...

Deck the Halls with Sustainable Wood Ornaments

Last weekend I spied these intricate, laser-cut ornaments made by Matt and Amie of Timber Green Woods.

Give the Gift of Education

This holiday season, give those you love the best gift of all: craft education.

Sculpted Sublime Rockers by Kevin DesPlanques

Kevin DesPlanque's Sublime Rockers are really something.

Handmade Gifts for Kids

There are so many handmade gift options for children, where does one even begin? Here are just a few things for the youngsters on your list... some practical, some just plain fun.

Steve Baldwin owns Baldwin Toys and has been making handcrafted wooden toys for decades. His heirloom toys are a perfect first gift for kids, and safe and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. For older children (and kids at heart), Baldwin also makes classic cars, trains, and more that are built as puzzles and can be taken apart and reassembled.

The Elusive Man Gift

As the American Craft editor with the best beard, it falls on my broad, hairy shoulders to highlight some of the best handmade gift ideas for men, or as I like to call them: man gifts.

Man gifts are tough. Even just last week, at Thanksgiving, my mother kept inquiring as to what I wanted for Christmas, and nothing came to mind – a problem, it seems, that plagues even the manliest of men.

Cheer for the Handcrafted Kitchen

My favorite part of the holidays, hands down, is sharing meals with friends and family. Nothing feels more festive - or fortunate - than a table stacked with wholesome (and sure, maybe a bit indulgent) foods. Every year I go a little more overboard, researching recipes and techniques, sourcing ingredients I'll need. But it's a time of year when making time for cooking - scratch cooking, craft cooking - feels effortless. And I'm certainly not alone here.

Farzan Nemat's Black (and White) Furniture

Furniture designer and builder Farzan Nemat works under the brand of MSTRF. His pieces border the line between rough and refined, with a modern feel. I love his use of standard construction materials and "lesser" woods (like pine plywood or poplar) to create beautiful, interesting furniture. I also sense a little bit of Piet Modrian's minimalist influence in the laser cuts shapes in his work.

Shows to See: Birds, Pottery, and Picasso

There are lots of interesting shows, exhibitions, and sales coming up all across the country. Whether you're looking for a break from the holidays or just looking for the perfect handmade gift, there's plenty to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites:


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