Show and Tell

Show and Tell


Justin Rothshank Mao Platter, wheel thrown porcelain, custom laser decal, vintage commercial decal, and Lincolnware, stoneward with custom laser decals. Photos/David L. Smith.

Awards and Crowd-pleasers at Baltimore Show
At the American Craft Show in Baltimore, February 27-March 1, Awards of Excellence were presented to Jacob Albee of Burlington, Vermont, Emanuela Duca of New York City, Peter Harrison of Middle Grove, New York, Ani Kasten of Takoma Park, Maryland, Ian Kessler-Gowell of Burnsville, North Carolina and Justin Rothshank, maker of Lincolnware and Mao Platter, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Outstanding booth design winners were John Dodd of Canandaigua, New York, and Ikuzi Teraki and Jeanne Bisson of Washington, Vermont. Elizabeth Agro, associ- ate curator of American Modern and Contemporary Crafts and Decorative Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art and Jacqueline T. Copeland, director of Education and Public Programs, the Walters Art Museum, were the jurors. View work by all winners online.

This year’s Searchlight Artists engaged the crowd with their edgy designs—provocative furniture by Sylvie Rosenthal and large biomorphic metal sculpture by Kai Wolter, to name two.

For the second consecutive year, AltCraft artists, makers who exemplify a new handmade movement, were juried into the show. From Deborah Cracchiolo’s leather slipper moccasins to Josh and Margaret Smith’s dishes that combine printmaking and ceramics, imagination ruled.

Best of Show in Atlanta
Awards of Excellence were presented at the American Craft Show Atlanta, March 13-15, to a select few artists: Candiss Cole-Footitt and Roger Footitt of Sedona, Arizona, Robert Farrell of Venice, Florida, and Derek Hennigar of Columbus, North Carolina. Best booth design was awarded to Aaron Hequembourg of Monticello, Georgia. Guest juror was Dinah McClintock, professor of art history at Kennesaw State University. View work by all winners online.