April/May 2013

April/May 2013

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Michael Peterson Workspace

Of the Land

Renowned wood sculptor Michael Peterson's artistic connection to the natural world.
Sienna Shields

Intuitive Mapping

Sienna Shields has flourished creatively in environments as different as Alaska and New York City.
Judit Varga

Quiet Language

At a new stage of her life, Judit Varga is making her best, truest work ever.

In Every Issue

On Our Radar

Jack Mauch, Coffee Table

Animated by Design

Jack Mauch imbues his work, ranging from furniture to tableware, with character.

Wide World of Craft

Product Placement

Lily Wykoff in Dream Catcher Earrings

Creative Industry

Lily Wikoff makes what she calls "jewelry for tomboys" – people who don't ordinarily wear jewelry.

The Big Questions

Crafted Lives

Ben Ospital Portrait

Dream Catcher

Ben Ospital fills his apartment with objects that speak to his inner magpie.

Personal Paths

Russ Vogt, Ceramic Fence

Free Range

Sculptor Russ Vogt and his wife, Suzanne Rooney, are stewards of an "art farm."

The Short List

The Art of Mankind - 1

Global Appeal

Reviews of new books on textiles, sign painters, and design-driven craft.

Shop Talk

Aaron Schey and Corey Hampson

Global Vision

Habatat Galleries has grown along with the global interest in glass.


Collective Unconscious

One Piece

Material Matters

Gail Tremblay, Blue Ribbon Red Production

Reweaving History

Gail Tremblay challenges stereotypes in old cinematic narratives through her basket works.


Shows to See

Editor's Letter

From the Editor - Illustration

The Force of Nature

If there’s a press conference in the afterlife, I’ve got questions for the Powers That Be.

Web Extras