October/November 2016

October/November 2016

American Craft, October/November 2016
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Welcome to the mastery issue, which features the 2016 American Craft Council Awards, a look back at 75 years of American Craft, and more. Articles will become available online throughout the next few months.

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Craft Horizon Early

Read. Roar. Repeat.

How our readers – delighted, dismayed, or disgusted – helped shape the craft field with their letters.

In Every Issue

On Our Radar


Wide World of Craft

The Short List

Spreads from Moving Sam Maloof


Reviews of Moving Sam Maloof, People Knitting, and Subversive Ceramics.

Product Placement

Edgewood Made Porcelain Pitchers

Edgewood Made

Edgewood Made is on a mission to fill every room in your home with deliberate, simple housewares. 

Material Matters

June Schwarcz Vessel 2193 Dancer

Enamel Re-emergent

“Little Dreams in Glass and Metal: Enameling in America, 1920 to the Present” features 121 pieces by 94 makers.


Martin And Erik Demaine Art Through Words I

High-Touch, High-Tech

As math and science scholars, Martin and Erik Demaine operate at the leading edge of technological innovation.

Inside Track

In Progress

Flint Institute Of Arts 1

Looking Ahead

In Michigan, an expansion of the Flint Institute of Arts is under way.

Editor's Letter

Personal Paths

Pat Kruse Wall Hanging 2

Sacred Harvest

Pat Kruse collaborates with son Gage to carry on traditional Ojibwe birch-bark techniques.

Shows to See

One Piece


Jenni Sorkin Live Form Women Ceramics And Community

The Invisible Hands

Jenni Sorkin offers a compelling look at three iconic figures of the modern ceramics movement.

Shop Talk

Collective Unconscious

Jaydan Moore Platter


Artists honor the good, the bad, and the questionable.