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February/March 2019 American Craft cover

February/March 2019

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This issue of American Craft is all about ceramics.

Our Favorite Articles

Misha Collins living room

Builder, Baker, Angel, Maker

He plays a celestial being in a popular TV series. But, as his two LA homes show, Misha Collins’ creativity is multifaceted.
Hadieh Shafie


In her intricate works, Hadieh Shafie brings together color, language, and her Persian heritage.
Rik Allen in spacesuit

Rocket Man

Buckle up – Rik Allen wants you to come along for the ride.
Yuni Kim Lang Hair Sculpture

Culture Shocks

Yuni Kim Lang’s massive, hair-like sculptures explore issues of identity, belonging – and the ties that bind.
Learning and Achieving Through the Arts student

Where Making Matters

As schools have focused more on testing, math, and science, other groups have come forward to nurture kids’ creativity.
Hot Couture at the Crucible

Made in Oakland

In the East Bay, artists are working to make art visible, accessible, and economically viable.

Nika Feldman and Drew Trujillo

Road Warrior

Anywhere in the world, Nika Feldman finds her fit, connecting through the shared language of sewing.
John Bisbee Hearsay

Sublimely Sharp

Though he says he's easily bored, John Bisbee finds nails endlessly fascinating.

Schwartzkopf and Rodriguez kiln yard

Let It Grow

At their home in West Seattle, Deborah Schwartzkopf and George Rodriguez are putting down roots – and cultivating their community.

Colette Fu

To Be Seen

Photographer and pop-up book maker Colette Fu documents the diversity of China’s Yunnan Province.

Melissa Cody, Photographic Memory

Clear Focus

Melissa Cody is both a fourth-generation Navajo weaver and a contemporary artist, deftly balancing tradition and self-expression.