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December/January 2020 American Craft cover

December/January 2020

At the end of the year, days are short, yet remain rich with the promise of becoming long again. It’s a time when many of us reflect on our triumphs, our losses, the lessons we’ve learned, and the changes we’d like to cultivate in our lives.

In this issue, American Craft showcases both reflections on the year coming to a close and opportunities offered by the new one.

Sarah Archer writes about the value of artist residencies, which provide makers much needed time and space to experiment, to learn new skills, and, perhaps most importantly, to fail. (We hope the sampling of residencies inspires readers to make time for handwork in 2020.)

Cleveland clay artist Angelica Pozo, who recently paid off her mortgage, offers practical advice for making ends meet while also nourishing creative expression.

Bill May leads a tour of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts’ East Tennessee campus as he shares how, with tenacity and an open heart, he’s helped rescue the school from disaster – twice – and secure its future.

Scholar, metalsmith, and futurist Beatriz Cortez presents sculptures for re-envisioning society.

And we survey exhibition highlights from the past year, noting popular themes – climate change and shared authority among them – that reflect prominent discussions and debates in the US today.

As you turn this issue’s pages, we invite you to reflect on the vital role of handwork in your own life. We also welcome you to join us as we step into the new year energized by the thinking and opportunities within our diverse and dynamic craft community.

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