Make Room 2014: Let's Entertain in St. Paul

Make Room 2014: Let's Entertain in St. Paul

Published on Tuesday, March 18, 2014.
Desi Creswell Room

Room by Desi Creswell, ASID, CID, LEED AP. Photo: Steve Henke,

Find the perfect piece for your next gathering at our décor exhibition, “Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft.” This year’s theme, “Let’s Entertain,” features room vignettes styled by Twin Cities designers, all inspired by work by our show artists.

Explore creative spaces styled for fine dining, casual cocktails, the perfect party, and more. From serving pieces and light fixtures to furniture and decorative accessories, we think you’ll find great ideas to make your own space warm, welcoming, and festive.

Designer: Carter Averbeck
Design firm: Omforme Design
Inspiration: Tim Byrns, Michael Mikula, Lynn and Chris Corrie
Design style: My design style is a modern, unexpected mix combining pieces from different eras, with emphasis on ease, glamour, and flowing color combinations to set the mood. Clean, edited atmospheres are infused with art and furnishings as a full reflection of each client's distinct personality.
Vision: Modernism has evolved through time, and this room is a reflection of the best of each era to create a cocooning, club-like atmosphere, perfect for a chic, urban cocktail hour with friends. The tones are a sophisticated blend of dark chocolate, winter white, gold, chrome, and rust. Get ready to entertain at home in style.

Designer: Desi Creswell, ASID, CID, LEED AP
Design firm: Desi Interior Design
Inspiration: Man Ho Cho, Jim Keller, Muffy Young 
Design style: My design style is a mix of modern and classic forms that result in spaces that are timeless, inviting, and livable. Through the design experience, I work with clients to build spaces that reflect the unique ways in which they live, work, and play.
Vision: This vignette is inspired by the organic nature of the artwork: rustic wood edges, curvilinear lines of vases, and natural fibers of woven textile. Timeless furniture with black accents grounds the space while an ombré plaster finish provides a striking backdrop for the craft to shine. Most importantly, the space creates a comfortable, inviting environment that encourages one to linger.

Designer: Haley Stofferahn, LEED Green Associate
Design firm: Andrew Martin International
Inspiration: Suellen Parker, Richard Jones
Design style: Our firm is known for unique interiors, inspired by a mix of cultures, styles, and decades. Our firm’s style is multilayered, combining high-end fabric and furniture with one-of-a-kind accessories, adding touches of the unexpected that combine cohesively.
Vision: The design vision is inspired by sophistication, menswear, and nostalgia. Influenced by the craft’s subtle, seductive curves and glamorous aesthetic, this space will serve as an exclusive after-party location. The art and interior reflect the blending of eras, as well as the blending of sexiness with sleek masculinity, which we hope will connect with the viewer’s inner Cary Grant or Barbara Stanwyck.

Designer: Karen Soojian, ASID
Design firm: KSID Studio
Inspiration: Bob and Tor Erickson, Scott McGlasson, Daniel and Lee Ross
Design style: My knowledge of visual art and my experience as an oil painter influence my designs. I design rooms that reflect not only my clients' preferences but also their personalities. Design is a dynamic process; there is not a static formula for the perfect space.
Vision: Through the juxtaposition of rustic and refined elements, I created a rough-luxe vignette. Daniel and Lee Ross’ sculpture, which expresses both an ancient and modern sensibility, inspired the deep, rich color palette. The darkened background amplifies the sensational wood grain of Bob and Tor Erickson’s table. Scott McGlasson’s Finny stools add a modern twist of whimsy and texture.

Designers: Mike Smith, Katie French
Design firm: Forage Modern Workshop
Inspiration: Dan Cordell, Alex Worre
Design style: We are drawn to forms that take classic elements from the past and re-imagine them for today's emerging aesthetic. The past influences everything. Knowing how to combine timeless frames with new ideas requires fearless intuition – an art in which we take pride.
Vision: Everyone wants to be invited to a brunch party, especially one with bright, poppy colors in a beautiful setting – with really tasty coffee. Our vision was inspired by Solid Manufacturing Co.'s dining stools and coffee stand. There's nothing more satisfying than building a room around quality furniture and then pushing the limits by challenging our audience to consider something new.

Designers: Linda Engler, ASID; Courtney Johnson; Emily Thull, Allied ASID
Design firm: Engler Studio Interior Design
Inspiration: David Bryce, Joel Nichols, Lynda Ladwig
Design style: Our style is diverse, well edited, and always evolving.
Vision: A bold, sophisticated mix of color, materials, contrasts, and eras – crafted and machined, raw and refined, light and dark, textural and sleek, vintage and modern – the sum of which we hope inspires a memorable vignette designed to cause passersby to stop and stare.

Designers: Brian Wilcox, Marie Zellar, Erik Wivinus, Tim Schumann
Design firm: findfurnish
Inspiration: Louise Harris, Luke Proctor, Ikuzi Teraki
Design style: At findfurnish we acquire unique, vintage industrial, midcentury, and custom-crafted pieces and compose spaces with purposeful lines, well-earned patinas, warm textures, and color. Our palette is ever-changing, so each composition is a distinctive mix of those elements.
Vision: Our vignette is built around the work of three artists who bring a foundation of form, texture, and light. We will add the history and enduring beauty of vintage industrial and the clean, sculptural lines of midcentury modern to make a personal and intimate space for friends to gather.

Designer: Sally Wheaton Hushcha
Design firm: Wheaton Hushcha Design
Inspiration: Fred Kaemmer, Gina Pannorfi, Takashi Ichihara
Design style: My design style is classic eclectic. I derive inspiration from the aesthetics of all periods and cultures, and the geometry and randomness found in nature. I am exhilarated when divergent aesthetics and cultural styles are juxtaposed with one another, creating visual umami.
Vision: My design vision is an alchemy made when good people, sumptuous foods, well-considered wines, ­and flowers – always flowers – come together against a backdrop of comfort, art, and handcrafted objects. To entertain is to honor friends and family in a very personal way. To hold one of Takashi Ichihara's elegant pieces or sit by the fire wrapped in a luxurious textile by Gina Pannorfi can suspend reality during a rejuvenating respite.

Designers: Anita Johnson, AKBD, Allied ASID; Krista Schwartz, Allied ASID; Daisy Firebaugh, Allied ASID
Design firm: Indicia Interior Design and Furnishings
Inspiration: Scott McGlasson
Design style: Our design style is timeless, refined, comfortable, and functional. We love the balance of clean, classic backgrounds with current, fresh colors, whether traditional or contemporary. Most importantly, we are devoted to creating personalized spaces for the homeowner.
Vision: We highlight the craft through contrast. The raw and natural essence of the pieces are juxtaposed with a polished and refined space. Deep, rich-colored walls envelop the room and create intrigue. An inviting mix of furnishing styles adds to a space that can easily evolve with a growing craft collection.

Designer: Laura Engen, Allied ASID
Design firm: Laura Engen Interior Design
Inspiration: Monica Rudquist, Richard Jones, Michael Hamlin-Smith
Design style: My signature style is a mixture of furniture, fabrics, and accessories to create a livable space to fit the needs of each client. The key to good design is finding a balance of function and beauty, no matter what the style.
Vision: My vignette features soft, neutral backgrounds to showcase the artist’s work in a casual dining space. A collection of Richard Jones’ and Michael Hamlin-Smith’s vases will make a beautiful centerpiece at the dining table, while Monica Rudquist’s wall installation of ceramic sculpture makes a dynamic statement. These pieces exemplify how exquisite work can unify a space.