Make Room Designer Spotlight: Tiffanni Reidy

Make Room Designer Spotlight: Tiffanni Reidy

American Craft Show in Baltimore

Published on Thursday, February 15, 2018.
Tiffanni Reidy

Tiffanni Reidy

Courtesy of Tiffanni Reidy

What's your company name?
Reidy Creative

What's your favorite design tip?
Any color can be a neutral, as long as it helps to coordinate the other colors and patterns surrounding it.

What color did you choose and why?
I chose black because I love dark spaces, saturated tones, and the way that different colors pop against a black environment. I think that black is the perfect base for the modern designs being seen today.

What’s your vision for the space?
My vision is to create a space that is graphic in nature, highlighting the Craft Council pieces, while also specifically pulling elements from sources within the local, metropolitan region.

Who are your ACC show artist picks and why are you featuring those particular objects?
When selecting each of my craft objects, I wanted to use pieces that worked cohesively, and that would complement each other well. I knew that I was going to be using the color black, and I already had an idea for the wall treatment I wanted to use on the focal wall of my space, so I began looking for objects that would work well alongside that.

The first piece I selected was from Joe Graci. I love these woodblocks and the intricate patterns that they would create if stamped on fabric. The variance in wood tones and coloration were the perfect jumping off point for my "Make Room" inspiration.

My second selection was from Daniel Grant and Ingela Noren. Their carved accent table works perfectly with Graci's woodblocks and even brings some more saturated tones into the wood –something I'd like to explore within the vignette.

Suzanne Crane's teapot was part inspiration, part personal touch. I am an avid tea drinker, so when I imagine spaces I might spend time in, they often include tea. While there were several ceramic works to choose from, I love that Suzanne's stoneware piece evokes the cast-iron style of the Japanese Tetsubin pots – my favorite style of teapot. The detailing in the piece also lends itself to the same markings found in the wood carvings.

I selected a carved work from Jeffrey Oh. Oh's serving board has beautiful organic lines that make me think more of the tree it was carved from than the piece it had become. The marriage of the stoneware and wood seemed fitting to use as a pair, while both worked to accentuate the lines and tones of the other works in the space.

Leonie Lacouette's clock is made from wood, but with the copper accents of something wholly metallic. When choosing metals, I always lean warmer, and copper is a personal favorite. Additionally, the modern lines of the piece were a wonderful accent to some of the more traditional pieces I'll be using. I am excited to see how each piece works on its own, as well as how they come together to tell a story in the vignette.

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