Meet the Open Studio Artists: 2014 Atlanta ACC Show

Meet the Open Studio Artists: 2014 Atlanta ACC Show

GA Woodturners 2014

Georgia Association of Woodturners

The ACC staff is almost ready for our annual southern sojourn to Atlanta, where in 2014, we will be celebrating 25 exceptional years of the American Craft Council show in Georgia's congenial capital city. Along with a bevy of talented makers from across the United States, we will be celebrating in a grand old fashion with the talented artists that will be demonstrating their skills in the open studio.

Always a crowd-pleaser and a great way to learn about how the craft at the shows are made, the open studio includes artists from a variety of organizations who will be "in residence" throughout the weekend working on projects. Not only will they be able to demonstrate artistic production in different media, but they will also be happy to answer any questions from the audience about their work and the creative process. If you have yearned to see how a loom works, a pot is thrown, jewelry is made, and more, you will not want to miss a trip to the open studio during your visit to the show. The following organizations will be on hand to demonstrate and field questions:

As a way of peaking your interest for these talented and dedicated demonstrators, we asked members of each organization one question: What are you most excited about presenting/teaching to people at this year’s open studios in Atlanta? Take a look below to see what some of them had to say:

"Most people have never seen a lathe in operation and many have not heard of a lathe before seeing a demonstration, so they are amazed when they watch a form appear, as if by magic, out of a square, spinning piece of wood. Several show vendors use larger versions of the same equipment to create their wonderful art and attendees will be able to see some of the techniques they use. We have a number of demonstrators scheduled and they will be creating a variety of small objects like honey dippers, biscuit cutters, bottle stoppers and small bowls to name a few." ~Steve Pritchard, president, Georgia Association of Woodturners

"Fiber art is a huge field covering techniques from appliqué to weaving and materials from silk and wool to metal and plastic. We're excited to show some of the skills, materials, and equipment involved in creating the fiber art for sale in the show and to help people understand and appreciate fiber art. And, we're looking forward to answering questions, providing resource information, and sharing our love of a tactile art form that has an infinite variety of expressions and aesthetics." ~Suzi Gough, board president, Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance

"I am most excited to share the how we do what we do with the crowd! I love 'edu-taining' people about the techniques and different tools we use to fabricate jewelry by hand. I will be demonstrating cold forging techniques, cold connections, jeweler's saw (cutting and piercing), and maybe some soldering. Also, I'll be demonstrating stone settings, including bezel setting, flush setting, finishing, and polishing." ~Dana Ruth, owner, Atlanta Art Worx

Be sure to stop by and say "hello" to Steve, Suzi, Dana, and other makers at the ACC Atlanta show's open studio, happening March 14-16 during show hours.