Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Grant Whittaker

Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: Grant Whittaker

American Craft Show in St. Paul

Published on Monday, April 2, 2018.
Grant Whittaker
Courtesy of Grant Whittaker

What's your company name?
Grant Whittaker Style

What's your favorite style tip?
Fashion = personal support. Allow a color, a print, or a texture to elevate your style, mood, and self-esteem. Style is an attitude, not a purchase.

What’s your advice for selecting pieces to complement your wardrobe at the American Craft Show?
When purchasing from the American Craft Council, think of your purchases as a once-in-a-lifetime buy. Showcase them with neutrals, monochromatics, and complementary prints. Special unique items require less thought and time to dress up.

Who are your American Craft Show artist picks?
Lisa Green (top left): I'm inspired by the color texture and simplicity of the cut.

Amy Faust (top middle): The tone in the green is a great accent to any neutral.

Kay Chapman (right): A new way of wearing black and white.

Judith Kinghorn (bottom left): A perfect accent worn in a million ways.

Stephanie Wheat (bottom middle): The perfect way to evoke your inner Barbie. Pink perfection.

Grant's artist picks