Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: José Ayala

Style Slam Stylist Spotlight: José Ayala

American Craft Show in St. Paul

Published on Thursday, April 5, 2018.
Jose Ayala

Jose Ayala

Courtesy of Jose Ayala

What's your company name?
José Ayala Style

What's your favorite style tip?
Have fun. Don’t be afraid to rock those embroidered pieces and pair them with classic silhouettes. Studded moto jackets, brocade loafers, and crushed-velvet cigarette pants can easily make you a star in any room.

What’s your advice for selecting pieces to complement your wardrobe at the American Craft Show?
You've come to The American Craft Council in search of the most spectacular designs in the world. You know you're the fashionable one out of all your friends. Now, what trend will you start in 2018?

Who are your ACC show artist picks?
Sam Woehrmann (left): It is apparent that Sam has mastered the combination of gemstones and texture. Elegance never goes out of style, and this architectural masterpiece will gracefully frame any silhouette.

Jenny Foulkes (top right): Statement. Statement. Statement. I adore this piece by Jenny Foulkes. What a fabulous way to marry an elegant gemstone with raw materials to create this one of a kind couture cuff.

Susan Bradley (middle): Kimonos are now. Everyone needs Susan Bradley in their collection! The design genius will have you wanting more and more of her dreamy designs.

Melissa Banks (bottom right): All eyes on you. Melissa Banks reminds us to be both bold and fabulous, and her captivating designs are a reflection of that. Wear this with an elegant gown or simply under a leather moto jacket. 

Jose's artist picks