Vintage Photo Project: Andrew Kuebeck

Vintage Photo Project: Andrew Kuebeck

Andrew Kuebeck SpeciMEN

Andrew Kuebeck, SpeciMEN

Today's Vintage Photo Project is by Andrew Kuebeck, who teaches jewelry design and metalsmithing at Bowling Green State University. Kuebeck is also an accomplished artist whose work ranges from functional jewelry to sculptural objects and vessels, and he's even lectured on how to incorporate photos into jewlery and vessels - so naturally this project was a great fit. Here's what he had to say about the project:

What do you make?
I traditionally work in a jewelry format, but have explored the possibilities of vessel making and smithing. I am really interested in different ways of incorporating photographic images onto my work (both jewelry and vessels), so the surface of all my pieces is incredibly important to me.

Why did you want to participate in the Vintage Photo Project?
A lot of my work involves shooting photographic images, and I was really excited by the challenge of incorporating found imagery into my pieces. I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to explore that.

How did you use your vintage photos?
I enjoy working with recognizable silhouettes of the male form in my jewelry work, and with these pieces I wanted to continue that motif. For these works I laser-cut the silhouette of a model repeatedly onto the provided images, stacked, and then set the images against a metal back. I was hoping to achieve a "flip-book" style presentation, where the wearer or viewer could approach and then interact with each brooch.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I am really inspired by representations of the male figure, specifically in how that representation can be used as a maker or definer of identity or status within a society. These questions and themes really intrigue me, and I hope that my work will continue to allow me to uncover my own answers to them.

What is your favorite/most read art, craft or design book?
I'm really inspired by Helen Drutt English's Jewelry of Our Time: Art, Ornament and Obsession. The work and discussions that accompany it are exquisite.

The Vintage Photo Project is a participatory challenge in which duplicate copies of vintage photos from the American Craft Council Library's archives have been transformed and re-imagined in myriad ways. View more Vintage Photo Projects.