The Week in Craft: April 27, 2016

The Week in Craft: April 27, 2016

Published on Wednesday, April 27, 2016.
Aniko Kolesnikova, Book Cover (Egyptian Myths)

Artist Aniko Kolesnikova, also known as Mandarin Duck, creates stunning book covers out of clay. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

These lovely, handmade book and journal covers are made by Aniko Kolesnikova, more commonly known as Mandarin Duck.

We are astounded by these beautiful bicycles by Luca Agnelli (Agnelli Milan Bikes) that seamlessly blend technology and vintage artistry into elegant modes of transportation.

For the last few years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has presented a series of web shorts called The Artist Project, in which artists respond to various items in the museum’s collection. This week, renowned ceramist and ACC gold medalist, Betty Woodman responds to a Minoan larnax – a type of terracotta sarcophagus.

Dutch divers found a 400-year-old dress under the sea. It's an everyday silk dress that likely belonged to British nobility.

This beautiful version of Monopoly celebrates traditional Japanese arts and crafts.

We would love to have this wooden Toyota concept car in cedar and birch using traditional Japanese joinery.

Moleskine has announced its Game of Thrones themed notebooks with a paper craft version of the show's introduction requiring 7,600 paper cut-outs, made by the animation company Dadomani.

Ohio State University researchers have created embroidered circuits using metallic thread that is .1 mm thick, making possible more advancements in e-textiles.

Roberto Lugo’s exhibition, “Defacing Adversity: The Life and Times of Roberto Lugo,” at the Wexler Gallery has been a smashing success. Check out the show at the Philadelphia gallery through June 11. For more on Roberto Lugo and his work, read “Agent of Change,” in the April/May 2016 issue of American Craft.

Congratulations are due to Chicago artist Theaster Gates. Gates is the 2017 recipient of Germany’s Kurt Schwitters Prize.

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