American Craft Show, Baltimore 2017, Wholesale

Show Date(s)

February 22: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
February 23: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Baltimore Convention Center

1 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
United States

Baltimore Wholesale

Visit the American Craft Show in Baltimore, the premier wholesale marketplace showcasing the highest-quality handmade work by the country’s most talented jewelry, clothing, and home décor artists.

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Benefits of registration

  • Connect with more than 500 of the country’s most talented makers – all under one roof. View/download a pdf of our show directory - coming soon!
  • Enjoy a complimentary breakfast from 8:30 – 10 a.m. on Wednesday in the Pratt Street lobby next to buyer registration  
  • Rest and recharge each afternoon from 2 – 4 p.m. with complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks on the show floor (the seating area behind booth 2600)
  • Stay in Baltimore and shop the additional 300 makers who move in February 24 – 26 for the retail portion of our show.
  • Enjoy free admission to our 2017 American Craft Shows in Atlanta, St. Paul, and San Francisco
  • Attend the Thursday evening preview party in St. Paul on April 6

Free ​shuttle ​from ​Philly ​to ​Baltimore

Are ​you ​attending ​ACRE™ ​Philadelphia ​before ​the ​American Craft Show in Baltimore? ​ACC ​and ​ACRE™ ​are ​offering ​a ​free ​shuttle ​for ​the ​first ​two ​buyers ​per ​store ​on ​Tuesday, ​February ​21. ​The ​shuttle ​will ​leave ​the ​Loews ​Philadelphia ​Hotel ​at ​1:30 ​p.m. ​and ​will ​arrive ​at ​the ​Hyatt ​Regency ​Baltimore, ​300 ​Light ​St. ​in ​Baltimore, ​around ​3:30 ​p.m. ​Advance ​reservations ​are ​required. ​Additional ​guest/artist ​seats ​are ​available ​for ​$20. ​Reservations ​may ​be ​made ​online ​when ​registering ​for ​ACRE™ ​or ​by ​emailing ​[email protected].

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Registration is $20 per buyer. Register by December 31 to save $5! A separate registration must be submitted for each buyer. If you have registered in the past, simply select "returning buyer" at the start page. If you have not, you must select "new buyer" and upload the requested credentials. Please ​note: ​Badges will not be mailed. 

Use ​the ​Pratt ​Street ​lobby ​entrance ​located ​between ​S. ​Howard ​Street ​and ​Hopkins ​Place. ​Registration opens ​at ​8 a.m. ​daily. ​Please ​print ​your ​receipt ​and ​bring ​to ​the ​show ​with ​your ​ID ​or ​business ​card ​to ​pick ​up ​your ​badges. 

  • For new buyers only: Pre-register online and receive 10 complimentary copies of the April/May issue of American Craft magazine to carry in your store for resale (a $79 value). 
  • If you’d like to add our award-winning, bi-monthly American Craft magazine to your product mix for resale, you will receive 10 percent off your first year of orders.

Special promotion terms

American Craft magazine is published six times a year. It retails for $7.99 per copy. Our cost to you is $4.80 per copy (a 40 percent discount). Shipping is included. To qualify for this promotion, participating merchants must be a new customer of American Craft magazine and order five or more copies per issue. Copies are non-returnable. For more information, please contact Christian Novak at [email protected].

Buyer Requirements

New ​buyers 

If ​you ​are ​in ​the ​business ​of ​purchasing ​craft ​for ​resale, ​you ​qualify. ​All ​we ​need ​is ​a ​copy ​of ​your ​resale ​certificate ​or ​interior ​design ​certificate/license ​and ​one ​of ​the ​five ​additional ​credentials ​listed ​below ​to ​confirm ​you ​are ​a ​qualified ​buyer. ​A ​business ​card ​or ​company ​credit ​card ​must ​be ​submitted ​to ​verify ​each ​additional ​employee. 

Please ​upload ​a ​copy ​of ​the ​following ​ ​to ​confirm ​your ​business ​is ​legitimate ​to ​qualify: ​ 

  • Copy ​of ​resale ​certificate ​or ​interior ​design ​certificate/ ​license 

In ​addition, ​each ​new ​employee/buyer ​registering ​for ​the ​first ​time ​must ​submit ​one ​of ​the ​following ​to ​qualify: 

  • ​Personalized, ​imprinted ​business ​card 
  • ​Copy ​of ​canceled ​payroll ​check 
  • ​Copy ​of ​W-2 ​or ​W-9 ​form 
  • ​Buyers ​name ​on ​resale ​certificate 
  • ​Buyer ​signed ​check 

Returning ​buyers 

You ​do ​not ​need ​to ​present ​business ​credentials, ​unless ​you ​are ​a ​new ​employee ​with ​the ​company ​and ​not ​already ​on ​file ​in ​our ​buyer ​directory. 

All buyers credentials are subject to review. If there are any discrepancies with any credentials, we will contact you.

Questions regarding registration? Please contact us at [email protected].