• Mira Nakashima sofa

    Shows to See: June/July 2019

    This summer, international designers, collagists, textile artists, and glass experimenters have work on view around the country.
  • Sophie Southgate, Spectrum series

    Sophie Southgate

    With British potter Sophie Southgate’s bowls, first looks can be deceiving.
  • Tanya Aguiniga and Jackie Amezquita border wall project

    Object Lessons

    Tanya Aguiñiga shows how making things – and the things themselves – can help form community across barriers.
  • Laura Preston quilting outside


    Nomadic art quilter Laura Preston knows how to make the most of a small space.
  • Laura Preston

    From the Editor: Common Bonds

    The artists featured on the pages of our first international issue may speak different languages, practice different religions, and live in different climates, but they all share a passion for the handmade.
  • Brooke Weston, Dolores

    Hide Away

    Brooke Weston often doesn’t plan her pieces beforehand. Instead, the Los Angeles artist improvises her way through them.
  • Dana Warrington, men’s powwow-style headband

    Slow Art

    Dana Warrington transforms porcupine quills into works of art, one meticulous step at a time.
  • Laurel Roth Hope, Reliquary: Gorilla Hand I

    Unnatural Selection

    In fiber, wood, and clay, Laurel Roth Hope reflects on humanity’s effect on the environment.