• Albert Pantone Knotweed Lamp

    Climate Change

    Art raising the issue of climate change greets commuters in downtown Pittsburgh’s busy Steel Plaza transit station.
  • Taisha Carrington Bun Halo

    Taisha Carrington

    A jewelry series by Taisha Carrington untangles complicated beliefs about natural hair.
  • Brett Kern Inflatable Stegosaurus

    In Focus

    Museum professionals take the pulse of American craft on the eve of a new decade by writing about pieces they exhibited in 2019.
  • Giselle Hicks

    Experimental Spaces

    For makers eager to explore materials and techniques, residencies offer a mix of challenge and mentorship.
  • Cliff Lee vessels

    Shows to See: December / January 2020

    Fiber art inspired by internet memes is on view in California, makers present stories of the opioid epidemic in Massachusetts, and in Asheville, North Carolina, contemporary Appalachian craft is celebrated.
  • Warren MacKenzie postcard

    In His Hand

    Warren MacKenzie, who died last New Year’s Eve at the age of 94, was revered for the beautiful, functional ceramics he created.
  • Michael Dickey Faux Series

    Coming to Light

    Michael Dickey turned from painting to pottery and found his inner drive.
  • William Harper

    Studio Synthesis

    William Harper’s eclectic body of work transcends genres as fluidly as it blends materials and ideas.