• Dani Ives, Jet

    Dani Ives

    Dani Ives uses her biology background to realistically render animal likenesses in needle-felted artwork, including commissioned pet portraits.
  • Raku Inoue, Blue Butterfly

    From Flora to Fauna

    With pine cones, petals, and other plant parts, Raku Inoue fashions delicate creatures destined for decomposition.
  • Elliott Kayser, Altered Landscape

    Elliott Kayser

    For Elliott Kayser, the cow is a deep well of exploration into culture, place, and the disconnection of modern life from nature.
  • The Burden of Motion and Ambition

    Animal as Metaphor

    With animals as their muse, artists respond in felt, clay, wood, and animal matter itself.
  • Collaboration with a Bird V #2

    The Avian Influence

    Metalsmith Teresa Faris' creative partner, who she calls her “greatest teacher,” is an umbrella cockatoo.
  • Corey Pemberton, Pistachio Ukhamba, 1


    With singular passion and openness to influence, Corey Pemberton produces glass work all his own.
  • Joel Cherrico pottery

    A Potter's Journey: Revisited

    We recently caught up with Joel in his Minnesota studio for this video interview to talk about what's transpired for his business since we heard from him last. Did he reach 1,000 true fans?
  • Brunelleschi Duomo

    Art on the Arno

    The rich history of fine craft in Florence is inspiring a new generation of artists and patrons.
  • Nicki Green portrait

    Nicki Green

    Nicki Green on why the mikveh is perfect for exploring the intersection of her trans, queer, and Jewish identities.