As I See It

Roberto Lugo helps kids with pottery

Connect, Then Curate

When the Clay Studio planned a move to a new part of Philadelphia, the staff thought to ask – rather than tell – their new neighbors what they wanted. Curator Jennifer Zwilling shares her experience.
Andy Cooperman pliers

Prisoners of Their Own Devices

Tools can be a big investment, but that doesn’t make them precious. Metalsmith Andy Cooperman argues for makers to use, rather than worship, their tools.
Emil Milan Spoons And Bowl

Resurrecting a Legacy

Shedding light on an overlooked master helped woodworker Craig Edelbrock tap into his own creativity.
Michael Gump disguise

Man of Many Faces

It started as his daily art practice three years ago. Now Michael Gump can’t seem to stop whipping up disguises.
Earl Pardon bracelet

In My Father’s House

Being raised by artists isn’t always easy, but one maker’s relationship with his father helped show him the way with his own child.
Sarah Marriage in studio

Sisterhood Is Powerful

Baltimore furniture maker Sarah Marriage on sexism in the woodshop and why she created a place for women to take risks and build experience.