Craft in Action

Jayna Zweiman Welcome Blankets

With Open Arms

A new project by the pussyhat co-creator seeks to make immigrants feel at home.
Fatimah Hussein and Jamie Glover

Let’s Play

Asiya sports hijabs help make athletics accessible to Muslim women.
Melissa Blount

In Memoriam

Melissa Blount’s sewing circles make Black Lives Matter quilts that focus on women and girls.
Maria Aroche Bracelet

Passing the Torch

The Bead Project teaches women how to create over a flame, start a business, and focus their talents.
Diane Black painting

Making It Work

Spindleworks has been serving artists with disabilities in Maine for more than 40 years.
What Happened Today

Let the Record Show

A new show at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft upends ideas about what’s fit to print.

Teresa Pietsch Kiln Check

Fueled Up

At North Carolina's EnergyXchange, captured methane fuels a model "craft incubator."

Built to Last

Lizz Wasserman left behind a career as a mass-market clothing designer to launch her Popomomo line.