Crafted Lives

Rebecca Sive Chicago apartment

Power Broker

Author-activist Rebecca Sive advocates for women ceramists by collecting their art.
Stacey Lee Webber Joseph Leroux

Home Makers

Stacey Lee Webber and Joseph Leroux’s Philadelphia abode is more than a place to live and work; it’s also a mini-neighborhood.
Garry Knox Bennett and Sylvia Bennett

Relationship Goals

With equal parts hard work and humor, Sylvia and Garry Knox Bennett have made a marriage, and a life, built to last.
Agnes Bourne bedroom

Dreaming in Color

This Wyomingite designed her home with hue and storytelling front and center.
Koski family

Love Story

A devotion to the handmade brought Kevin and Kelly Koski together.
Judy Smilow

Reviving Utopia

A peek into the Manhattan home of Judy Smilow, who’s refreshing her father’s modernist furniture.
Misha Collins living room

Builder, Baker, Angel, Maker

He plays a celestial being in a popular TV series. But, as his two LA homes show, Misha Collins’ creativity is multifaceted.
David Oliveira wire scribble sculptures

Place Settings

The International Museum of Dinnerware Design doesn’t yet have a permanent home, so director Margaret Carney stores the collection in her Ann Arbor abode.
Lani McGregor and Dan Schwoerer

Transparent Style

The home of Bullseye Glass owners Lani McGregor and Dan Schwoerer is a showcase for the couple’s decades-long passion for glass art. In the last year, it’s also been an oasis.
Laura Raicovich on Panorama of the City of New York

Open Arms

Now more than ever, the Queens Museum welcomes many communities.
Claire Kahn Paper Cuts

Change and Continuity

Claire Kahn’s Santa Fe oasis offers room to live, work, and contemplate in sublime surroundings.
The Baldridge family

Light Fantastic

Artist Mark Baldridge’s ’70s abode may have started out plain; it’s far from it now.
Jon Brooks House Outside

The Experiment

To glimpse into furniture maker Jon Brooks’ fertile imagination, look no further than his home.
April Higashi And Ando

A Considered Space

April Higashi’s serene, three-tiered Bay Area home accommodates creative work, family, and business.
Tommie Rush And Richard Jolley

Sweet Fusion

A pair of glass artists meld nostalgia and modernism in their comfy Tennessee sanctuary.

Rosanne Somerson Portrait

Many Voices

Renowned furniture maker Rosanne Somerson showcases the work of RISD in the school's President's House – her new home.