Crafted Lives

Marvin Bjurlin and Christina Rausa

Labor of Love

An accomplished potter and a craft show director have surrounded themselves with works by people they care about.

Roberta And David Williamson Portrait

Common Ground

Roberta and David Williamson combine found and crafted objects into striking compositions.

Evelyn Craft Belger and Dick Belger

The Big Picture

In Kansas City, Dick Belger and Evelyn Craft Belger are working to support the arts, across the country and in their own backyard.

Brigitte Bouquet And Dick DeLange

Mixed Media

Artist Brigitte Bouquet blends the natural and handcrafted in her home and in her work.

Lori Baum and Aaron Henkelman Addiction Sign

House of Tales

For Aaron Henkelman and Lori Baum, a collection isn’t complete without the stories and memories that go along with it.

Amber Corcoran and Jaime Jennings

The Ladies and the Tiger

At Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver, co-owners Amber Corcoran and Jaime Jennings want to empower people to reach their creative potential.

Wolinsky Cary, Office

All Together Now

For artists Cary, Yari, and Babs Wolinsky, collaboration is a way of life.

The Rev. Michael Radford Sullivan

Faith in Craft

An Atlanta church becomes a showcase for the work of local artists.

Chris Hastings

Place Setting

At his restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, chef Chris Hastings takes local flavor and craftsmanship to the next level.

Catalina Diez and Children

Please Touch the Art

The home of Catalina Diez, Juan Carlos Ortiz, and their family is not a hands-off museum.

Ken and Julie Girardini, Living Room

Among Friends

Ken and Julie Girardini's home is a retreat filled with fellow artists’ work and their own.

Ben Ospital Portrait

Dream Catcher

Ben Ospital fills his apartment with objects that speak to his inner magpie.