Laurel Roth Hope, Reliquary: Gorilla Hand I

Unnatural Selection

In fiber, wood, and clay, Laurel Roth Hope reflects on humanity’s effect on the environment.
JoAnna Poehlmann

Wildlife Preserve

JoAnna Poehlmann’s apartment may look like a natural history museum, but her habitat fuels her living, breathing art practice every day.
Raven Skyriver

Aqua Man

Raven Skyriver’s flawless sculptures pay homage to the marine ecosystem.
Raku Inoue, Blue Butterfly

From Flora to Fauna

With pine cones, petals, and other plant parts, Raku Inoue fashions delicate creatures destined for decomposition.
ACC Clay Tells All Graphic

Clay Tells All

In narrative works, 15 ceramists grapple with issues that have been with us forever – and those unique to the 21st century.
Greg Klassen

Who Owns an Idea?

When furniture maker Greg Klassen trademarked the name River Table, he touched off a heated debate about intellectual property and what artists owe the community.
Esther Shimazu in studio.

Joie de Vivre

Hawaii artist Esther Shimazu’s figures exude happiness in the raw.
Jordan Nassar working

Gray Area

In vivid embroideries, Jordan Nassar considers how divergent cultures overlap and coexist.
Alison Croney Moses in classroom

On Her Own Terms

An artist and instructor, Alison Croney Moses sees no reason to be boxed in.
Wade Folger MacDonald, Battleships Adrift on Indifferent Oceans

A New Rhythm

Wade Folger MacDonald wanted to be a production potter, until he came face-to-face with his own big ideas.
Bart Niswonger

Conversation Starter

As a computer scientist, Bart Niswonger couldn’t easily talk shop with others. As a furniture maker, he can.
Ebony G. Patterson

Look Closer

Beneath Ebony G. Patterson’s glittering surfaces are images of poignance and power.
Jen Stark

Good Vibrations

LA artist Jen Stark’s dizzying creations show up in galleries, on TV, and everywhere in between.
Wendy McAllister Atoll

Prime Time

These jewelers are in for the long haul, and it shows in their work.