Blue Mountain Farm and Fiber Mill yarn

Good Shepherds

A small-batch fiber mill treats your wool as if it were its own.
Ellen Winner How Art Works book 1

Your Brain on Art

A new book by Ellen Winner argues that art can’t be defined – but it can be better understood by studying the psychological effects it has on viewers.
Craft leaders

View from the Top

Innovation and new audiences are among new craft leaders’ big priorities.
Creative Forces masks

Arts in Service

Military patients find real hope in a growing creative therapy program.
Original 1904 Mosaic Times Square

The Subterranean Scene

In New York City, you don’t have to visit a museum to see contemporary art – just take the subway.
Mark Hill

The New Crew

In an age when less is more, many fear that the end of fine craft collecting is nigh. BBC Antiques Roadshow regular Mark Hill sees the glass half-full: Collecting has changed, but it’s far from finished.
Eames and Ant chairs

Take a Seat

A new history of chairs finds there’s more than meets the eye – and the bum – in this piece of furniture.
Jill Moniz

Art Without Art School

“Work Over School: Art from the Margins of the Inside” presents nine self-taught “outsiders” who took alternate routes to mainstream success.
Jenni Sorkin Live Form Women Ceramics And Community

The Invisible Hands

Jenni Sorkin offers a compelling look at three iconic figures of the modern ceramics movement.
MoCC Touching Warms The Art Show


Leading a craft museum is challenging, the recent closure of the Museum of Contemporary Craft suggests.