In Progress

Flint Institute Of Arts 1

Looking Ahead

In Michigan, an expansion of the Flint Institute of Arts is under way.
2014 “Craft School Experience” exhibition

Five Fingers, One Hand

A group of the nation’s premier craft schools is working together toward a brighter, and bigger, future.

Corning Museum of Glass North Wing

Natural Progression

The Corning Museum of Glass’ North Wing expansion sheds new light on the collection.

Albert Paley, Double Fibula Brooch

Mobile and Movable

For Helen Drutt, jewelry is as much an educational tool as an element of style.


Wendell Castle, Albert Paley, Jackie Ferrara, and Tom Otterness

Inside Out

Memorial Art Gallery celebrates 100 years with a new sculpture park.

Washington Glass School, Library of Congress Doors

Capital Improvements

The Washington Glass School got the opportunity to reinterpret the historic Library of Congress doors in glass.