Material Matters

Beau McCall Redpotionno I

Button Man

Beau McCall uses everyday fasteners to tell big stories.
Sean Donlon Halo

Double Take

Metal meets its match in Sean Donlon’s beguiling glass kettles and teapots.
Brandy Clements

Cane Clan

Silver River Center for Chair Caning carries on family tradition in Asheville, North Carolina.
Eric Bright Rebecca guitar

Tone Diver

Wood in Eric Bright’s guitars comes from a surprising source: the bottom of the lake he lives by.
Adrien Segal Camping

Plot Lines

Adrien Segal translates scientific data into evocative sculptures that tell a story.
Lorraine Bubar No Turning Back Papercut

Slices of the World

Layered and intricate, Lorraine Bubar’s papercuts might remind you of Japanese woodblock prints or Indian miniature painting.
Tom Hill Pink Chick


Using wire, wood, metal – oh, and potatoes – Tom Hill makes flocks of birds that are fixed in space, but far from static.
Victoria Wagner

Good Vibrations

Victoria Wagner explores the mystical properties of color on paper, metal, and wood.
Delinda Starks Sportswear

Fashion Forward

At Kent State’s TechStyleLab, students are crafting the future of textiles.
June Schwarcz Vessel 2193 Dancer

Enamel Re-emergent

“Little Dreams in Glass and Metal: Enameling in America, 1920 to the Present” features 121 pieces by 94 makers.
Lisa and Scott Cylinder Three Musicians


With their piles of instrument parts, Lisa and Scott Cylinder are taking the components of one art form – music – and creating another.
Morgan Madison Farewell


With glass, cardboard, and a keen eye, Morgan Madison creates a diary of the built and natural worlds.

Patty Roberts Breezy Bowl


Pâte de verre has propelled Patty Roberts to new heights.