On Our Radar

Elliott Kayser, Altered Landscape

Elliott Kayser

For Elliott Kayser, the cow is a deep well of exploration into culture, place, and the disconnection of modern life from nature.
Nicki Green portrait

Nicki Green

Nicki Green on why the mikveh is perfect for exploring the intersection of her trans, queer, and Jewish identities.
koe-zee political piece


Koe-zee’s embroidery for the next generation.
Maria Molteni Basketball Net

Maria Molteni

Maria Molteni’s crocheted nets for naked basketball hoops.
Luci Jockel Silence Of The Lambs Necklace

Luci Jockel

Luci Jockel’s haunting jewelry of animal remains.
Julian Watts

Julian Watts

Julian Watts’ surreal, sculptural take on domestic objects.
Alicia Dietz and Black Hawk Helicopter

Alicia Dietz

Woodworker Alicia Dietz draws on her military service...