Personal Paths

Micah Evans Raphine

High Art

Micah Evans supports himself by making popular functional wares – glass pipes.
Kahlil Robert Irving ConcernedStudents1950

Catalyst in Clay

St. Louis ceramist Kahlil Robert Irving makes art that raises essential questions.
Erin Smith neon lamp

Bent Into Shape

Erin Smith’s career path has taken as many twists and turns as her colorful clay-and-neon lamps.
Drew Leshko Ice Corner Grocery Store

Ode to the Corner Store

Sculptor Drew Leshko memorializes the casualties of gentrification – from ornate buildings to humble dumpsters – in his Philadelphia neighborhood.
Jacob Ferrato Antiflage

Kicks Meister

Many creative teenagers revamp their clothes and accessories; Ohio shoemaker Jacob Ferrato turned it into his job.
Kristin Levier Undulata Bas

Microorganisms in Maple

A PhD in molecular biology and a thriving art career generally don’t go hand in hand, but for Idaho woodworker Kristin LeVier, science and art are perfect complements.
Helen Otterson Bulb Blossom


The sources of imagery Helen Otterson uses in her striking porcelain, glass, and bronze sculptures may surprise you.
Pat Kruse Wall Hanging 2

Sacred Harvest

Pat Kruse collaborates with son Gage to carry on traditional Ojibwe birch-bark techniques.
Debra Weiss Coveralls

Go with the Flow

The story behind the California clothing designer Debra Weiss’ journey.
Erin M Riley Three Strikes

Looming Change

Car crashes, semi-nude selfies: Erin M. Riley reinterprets these voyeuristic visions on the loom.

Ayn Hanna City Lines

Drawing Plans

For Ayn Hanna, balancing a corporate career with art was all part of the plan.
Jo Hamilton, I Crochet Portland

Two Threads

Jo Hamilton combines her experience as a painter with her love of crochet.

Rae Dunn Ceramics

A Certain Fluency

Rae Dunn's quirky ceramics reflect a lifelong love of language and the tactile.

Rowland Ricketts Locks Of Dyed Wool

Dirt to Dye

On their farm and in the studio, Rowland and Chinami Ricketts are carrying forward indigo traditions.