Wide World of Craft


The Good Life

Cozy and laid-back, Copenhagen is a must-visit for foodies, designers, makers, and others with a keen sense of style.
North Pierhead Lighthouse

Cape Calm: Door County, Wisconsin

Door County, Wisconsin, has a little bit of everything: state parks with scenic trails, a rich maritime history, cherry orchards, and craft artists galore.
Edris House

Desert Dreaming

The sun-drenched landscape of this California city is a draw for the rich and famous – and a magnet for artists.
HAiK W Design

North Star: Oslo

The Norwegian capital is gathering steam as an international hub of craft. 

Smoky Mountains

Come As You Are

Packed with artists, the casual Smoky Mountain city is a mecca for craft connoisseurs.

Hot Couture at the Crucible

Made in Oakland

In the East Bay, artists are working to make art visible, accessible, and economically viable.