Joel Cherrico's pottery in use at the Local Blend

A Potter's Journey: Writing a Business Plan

This is the fourth post in "A Potter's Journey," a series of blog posts written by Joel Cherrico.

Martial Headpiece by Bruce Metcalf

Throwback Thursday: Bruce Metcalf

A throwback image of the artist modeling one of his innovative creations...

Bruce Metcalf

Reflections: Bruce Metcalf

Excerpts from an interview with jewelry maker and writer Bruce Metcalf

Upcoming Events

10/24 A Sense of Balance: The Sculpture of Stoney Lamar

Stoney Lamar has been creating multi-axial lathe work for over 25 years.

10/24 Jiyong Lee: Exhibition of New Work

Lee’s Segmentation Series is inspired by his fascination with cell division.