Cristina Cordova Temporal, Temporal, Allá Viene el Temporal

The First Timer's Guide to SOFA

More than 70 galleries showed up to this year's SOFA Chicago.

Filigree Jewelry

Guest Post: Making Filigree Jewelry in Kosovo

Lauren Marsolek shares her experience as a filigree apprentice in Prizren, Kosovo.

Minneapolis Map Plates by Anna Metcalfe

Heck Yes Craft: Anna Metcalfe's Plates

A ceramist with a tremendous passion for food systems, ecosystems, pollinators, and clay...

Upcoming Events

11/29 Site Unseen: Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers

Their work often focuses on environmental issues of social constructions and beliefs.

11/29 Barbara Andrus: Fieldwork

An exhibition of large-scale installation work by Barbara Andus.