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Gifts for People Who Love to Entertain

Glassware by George Ponzini
Glassware by George Ponzini
Glassware by George Ponzini

Glassware by George Ponzini

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One of my favorite hostesses, a fine-art photographer, has a wildly eclectic mix of goblets, flutes, martini, and other glasses, and if you party at her house, you get to choose your glass from among an amazing array. If nothing else, you'll break the ice by talking to other guests about their choices.

With creative souls like her in mind, I went on the hunt for glassware you don't see every day. Artful Home has an awesome drinkware collection, including the fabulous "neo-deco" architecture-flavored glasses of George Ponzini and the glass-threaded "marbletini" work of Michael Egan.

Outside of the drinkware category, I like Uncommon Goods' slate cheeseboards, handmade in Wisconsin of reclaimed chalkboards from Franklin Elementary in Quincy, Illinois. They sit on little feet made of reclaimed wine corks, preventing scratched tables. And no more pesky "what kind of cheese is this?" questions for the host.

For hosts who tend toward more intimate parties, check out these felt placemats made of 100 percent post-consumer waste plastic bottles designed by sci-fi lovers Vicki and Richard Kung. Shaped like thought balloons or amoebas or I don't know what, they're charming. And if your friend is serving both water and wine, he's got an extra coaster in the middle of the placemat to pull out.

Of course, "entertaining" can mean something much mellower. Maybe you've got a friend who's always there with a cup of tea and a kind word. Kwok Wai Lau's simple porcelain cups, with their own knitted cozies might be just what she needs.

This holiday season we're rounding up the perfect handmade crafts for the people in your life – foodies, hosts, entertainers, men, stylish girlfriends, kids, jewelry junkies, and those who love to learn. Check out all of our handmade gift ideas.


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