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American Craft Council Shows

Producing craft shows is one of the Council’s core programs, a path to connect makers with buyers and educate the public about craft. Our shows — held annually in Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Paul, and San Francisco — offer guests the opportunity to touch and feel handmade objects and make personal connections.
The goal of our shows is to:
  • Attract diverse audiences
  • Provide an environment that creates opportunities to see and understand how objects are made
  • Give visitors and other artists a glimpse at the inspiration behind the work
  • Demonstrate how handmade objects enhance daily lif
As a nonprofit, mission-based organization, ACC also provides lively on-site demonstrations and emerging artist programs to help broaden and deepen our reach. We do so by collaborating with local arts organizations, educational institutions, and artists.
The ACC shows have experienced significant growth in attendance, sales, and media coverage. We’re excited to continue this momentum by broadening our audience, re-energizing our shows, and spurring innovation in the field.

See the dates for our upcoming 2015 show season.

Join our vibrant and talented community by becoming an exhibitor at one of our shows. Applications for the 2015 show season are now closed. Check back in mid May of 2015 to apply for the 2016 season.

If you're an ACC artist, use the ARC to find show information and exhibitor details.

Find information on exhibitors from past ACC shows.


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